Burned By Holiday Farm Fire Could This Become Another Unprecedented Season? Last year's wildfire season was severe. With the dry conditions as severe as they have been this year we could be in for more dangerous wildfires. I'll explain. It Took A Lot Of "Ingenuity" To Get It Off The Ground. The Mars rover Perseverance took a passenger to Mars. The Ingenuity helicopter had its maiden flight on Mars. A first. I'll explain. Brattain fire It's Too Early For It To Start, Or Is It? But It's Never Too Early To Prepare. It may be April, but Mother Nature doesn't seem to know that. With high temperatures way above normal and dry, windy conditions it looks like we might be in for an early and bad wldfire... Pollen Grains The Nose Knows And The Eyes Have It! Sneezing and watery eyes got you down? It's a good bet that you suffer from seasonal allergies. There are some things you need to know. I'll explain. Double Rainbow Beauty Really Is In The Eye Of The Beholder I don't know anyone who has never seen a rainbow. I have seen many over the years and the best one was here in Oregon. There is a place now designated as the best place...

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