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Friendly reminder: We will be out with the safety seat belt effort, Click It or Ticket, May 20-June 2. Please buckle up! We have seen a lot of speeding and that raises the danger level on our roadways. EPD’s Traffic Safety Team is working to address this. While modern cars contain a lot of advanced occupant protection features, including air bags and crush zones. For those features to work effectively, correct seat belt and child safety seat usage is a must. And it’s not just about your personal safety – unrestrained vehicle occupants can injure others in the vehicle in the event of a crash. Proper use of occupant restraint systems is one of the best ways to maximize the chances of you and your family walking away from a crash.

Participating law enforcement agencies will be taking a no-excuses approach to seat belt law enforcement, writing citations day and night. In Eugene, the presumptive fine for a seat belt violation is $150. 

This special enforcement is funded by Oregon Department of Transportation. For more info:

Oregon Department of Transportation Seatbelts and Child Seats:

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