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MILTON-FREEWATER — John Ehart wants nothing more than to be able to get to his family cabin.

Ehart, 92, has owned the well-kitted home way up the South Fork of the Walla Walla River for 28 years, even longer than he and wife, Bonnie, have been wed.

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Ehart vs BLM

The gate blocking the road that has allowed motor vehicle access to landowners’ property beyond Harris Park for generations is locked Jan. 20, 2023. For how long is unknown, officials say.

Trail No. 3225 map

This map of the area shows the closed-access spot above Harris Park outside of Milton-Freewater.

Umatilla National Forest Trail No. 3225

Part of Trail No. 3225 in the Umatilla National Forest as it is in 2023. Those traversing this trail now end up in the waters of the South Fork of the Walla Walla River in several areas of the trail.

M-F flooding 2

From Lincton Mountain Road, the large, washed-out bridge on Walla Walla River Road can clearly be seen.

M-F flooding 1

Heavy machinery works in the gap where a large bridge washed out on Walla Walla River Road during the 2020 flooding.

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