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On June 16, Eugene Police Department intervened in some calls involving minors who had taken LSD and were being disruptive. The EPD Downtown Team is seeking tips regarding who is providing this drug to minors.

On June 16 around 2:00 p.m.  a young female juvenile, age 14, was reported to be harassing people downtown and Eugene Police was called. She had taken LSD and was jumping in front of LTD buses and running in and out of businesses. She was transported to a local hospital for treatment. About an hour later, there was a fight involving two juvenile males near 150 W. Broadway. When EPD DT officers contacted them, one took off running and the other juvenile did not want to provide information. When officers caught up to the 14-year-old juvenile who fled, officers found he was also on LSD. He was transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

If anyone has information regarding the provision of LSD to minors, they are asked to call Eugene Police non-emergency line at 541.682.5111.

Also, as a side note: June 16 was an extremely busy day Downtown with respect to reports of incidents involving juveniles harassing downtown visitors, begging for money and getting angry and cursing if no money was provided. Eugene Police Downtown Team officers contacted one of the juveniles early in the day around noon and he had a realistic-looking airsoft gun in his back waistband. The situation was resolved and the juvenile’s parent was cooperative, consenting to the seizure and destruction of the airsoft. No crimes were established.

Cases 22-09150, 22-09157, 22-09160

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