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outside of the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards building, with a granite pillar that reads In Service of Mankind

Jerry Granderson, former director of Oregon’s Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, said he faced criticism for appointing a man of color to serve as his training administrator; resentment for ensuring a serious investigation was done into former training supervisor Michael Stradley stemming from his role in the bogus West Linn police arrest of Michael Fesser; and ridicule for trying to ensure staff and students adhered to coronavirus safeguards.

A month after he abruptly resigned as director of Oregon’s police certification agency, Jerry Granderson sent a 21-page letter to top state lawmakers, blasting an “entrenched faction” at the agency that he said fought his efforts to hold people accountable and diversify the staff.

In particular, he wrote about an employee who worked in the public safety agency’s training division for eight years and had tutored basic academy students though state records show she previously had her Oregon teaching license revoked for “gross neglect of duty” after admitting she groomed a boy in juvenile custody for a romantic relationship.

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