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“This is so heartbreaking for us,” said Christine Williams, the victim’s grandmother, in a statement pleading for someone to come forward to help police identify who killed her granddaughter. “One year has passed and the community is still left with no answers…Family and friends will finally have closure and get answers for this sudden senseless crime if you step forward.” Christine Williams is in green pants, jacket and sunglasses, standing behind Multnomah County deputy district attorney Afton Coppedge, who is at the podium. Danae Williams was in her car, leaving a restaurant in Northeast Portland where she had gone to dinner with a friend when a silver sedan pulled up to the passenger side and someone fired shots into her car on May 12, 2021. She died the next day, and her passenger, who was shot in the head, survived. Police believe they were both innocent victims wrongly targeted in a gang-related shooting. Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Afton Coppedge thanks the grandparents of Danae Williams, Joe Wiliams, far left, and Christine Williams, third from left, and other family and friends for “Tragically, she never made it home that night, through no fault of her own. But here’s the thing, it is somebody’s fault. There is somebody to blame for this murder,”  said Kieran L. Ramsey, special agent in charge of Oregon’s FBI. “We want to find that person, those people.”Kieran L. Ramsey, special agent in charge of Oregon's FBI,  acknowledged that eight prior rewards offered in other recent unsolved homicides from Portland haven’t generated any substantial tips in those cases yet. But he said that won’t stop the FBI, police and others to continue to try to shed light on the unsolved difficult cases.

Relatives of 25-year-old Danae Williams light a candle in her room each day and say a prayer hoping for justice in the Portland woman’s unsolved killing.