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Eugene, OR.  Eugene Springfield Fire (ESF) responded to a house fire at the intersection of N. Game Farm Rd and Old Coburg Rd in East Eugene Saturday morning.  Arriving firefighters found smoke and fire from a boarded up and abandoned home. 

The home had recently been determined unsafe during an inspection by Deputy Fire Marshals from the ESF Community Risk Reduction & Resilience Division.  In 2023 ESF initiated a new program where vacant and abandoned buildings are inspected and ordered boarded up & secured.  During these inspections, properties are declared Safe with a large green S, Caution with a large orange C or Unsafe with a large red U placard on the building.  In addition to inspection reports being available to responding crews, dispatchers are able to notify firefighters upon dispatch to a hazardous occupancy. 

In this response firefighters were notified the property had been determined to be unsafe and they took necessary precautions in engaging the fire.  Crews extinguished the fire and determined there were no victims during a search of the home.  There were no injuries reported and the fire is under investigation.