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Eugene, OR.  Eugene Springfield Fire responded to a fuel spill at the Glenwood exit from Interstate 5 Southbound. Just before 9:30 AM Sunday May 12th, dispatchers began receiving calls of a semi leaking fuel traveling down the freeway.  Fire crews located the semi at the Glenwood exit and assessed the situation.  Noting a large hole in the fuel tank, Eugene Springfield Fire’s regional hazardous materials team was called to help capture leaking fuel and use absorbent to contain what had already spilled.  ESF is working with ODOT and a private contractor on clean up plans.  

The Eugene Springfield Fire Haz-Mat team is a group of cross trained firefighters who do double duty as firefighters serving their community and hazardous materials response technicians.  The Haz-May team is one of 14 regional teams in Oregon supported by the Oregon State Fire Marshal.  These firefighters handle simple fuel spills to chemical, biological and radiological emergencies. Our Region 2 territory includes west to the coast and east to Highway 97 near Chemult.