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Eugene OR.  Eugene Springfield Fire (ESF) responded to a house fire at 153 Swain Ln in the North Santa Clara area early Sunday morning.  Crews were notified of a possible fire at 12:06 AM on 3/31. Upon arrival, ESF Ladder 11 found 40 foot flame lengths from multiple trees with a mobile home catching fire. Ladder 11 began to attack the fire, with support from additional ESF and Lane Fire Authority (LFA) crews. Firefighters were able to assure the resident and her son were not at home at the time of the fire, and performed a primary search of the residence as they conducted fire attack operations and protected exposures. Crews used quick thinking to cut through an adjacent fence and stretch hose from a hydrant on a neighboring property to get water.  The fire was placed under control, and there were no injuries immediately reported.  LFA is performing an investigation to determine the cause as the fire occurred at a property within their contracted jurisdiction.