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Guide To Sisters Oregon: Things To Do & More

With over 260 miles of nearby trails, gorgeous wilderness areas, lakes, waterfalls, tasty restaurants and awesome ranches, Sisters Oregon is a must visit.

sisters oregon
Truck and mountains outside of Sisters, Oregon in Deschutes County on a stormy morning (Photo by Jim Choate / Flickr)

The Sisters are three gorgeous mountains in central Oregon that tower over the landscape.  It’s no wonder that the charming little town of Sisters Oregon was named after these lovely peaks.  Those looking for an artsy small town vibe will want to check out Sisters and spend a weekend (or a full week) exploring the area and all there is to do.

Sisters Oregon (An Unofficial Guide)


The Three Sisters overlooking Terrebonne Oregon. Photo by Al Case via Flickr CC2.

The three Sisters mountains are the third, fourth, and fifth highest peaks in Oregon, each rising more thank 10,000 feet in elevation.

Just ten miles south of Sisters Oregon and located near the stunning Three Sisters Wilderness, there’s a lot to do and see, from hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, forest bathing, and exploring 260 miles of trails.


North and Middle Sister as seen from the Lava River Trail. Photo by Kirt Edblom via Flickr CC2.

These three mountains have 16 named glaciers, and are a sight to behold, standing proud over forests, ranches and farmland.

While geologists think North and Middle Sister will never erupt again, South Sister is being monitored for volcanic activity.  South Sister’s most recent eruption was 2,000 years ago, and it may erupt again in the future.

Map Of Sisters Oregon

Check out the map below of things to do nearby listed in this article:

Things To Do Near Sisters Oregon


Sisters, Oregon. Photo by Amy Meredith via Flickr CC2.

Sisters Oregon is a great basecamp for adventure because there’s so much to do and see nearby.

Sisters Oregon Restaurants

Whether you’re just heading out for a day of adventure in the Three Sisters Wilderness, or passing through Sisters on your way to Bend, Sisters has a lot of delicious restaurants you should try.

Sisters Meat And Smokehouse


Photo via Sisters Meat And Smokehouse Facebook page.

This is more than just a restaurant, it’s an artisanal butchery and eatery.  Some even claim it has the ‘best meat in the entire world’.


The Tri-Tip Sandwich from Sisters Meat And Smokehouse. Photo via Sisters Meat And Smokehouse Facebook page.

With Oregon beer on tap, a killer Tri-Tip Sandwich, and Brauts, this is the perfect spot for a meal with friends.

Sisters Saloon And Ranch Grill


Sisters Saloon. Photo by Kurtis Garbutt via Flickr CC2.

Sisters Saloon is a classic 1912 bar and family restaurant where you can relax and have a delicious meal.


Photo via the Sisters Saloon Facebook page.

With everything from ranch house burgers to pulled pork sandwiches, and vegetarian options like Crispy Brussel Sprouts, and a Roasted Veggie Wrap, this saloon has something for everyone.


Photo via the Sisters Saloon Facebook page.

Many items on the Sisters Saloon menu also have gluten free options.

Angelina’s Bakery And Cafe In Sisters


Photo via Angelina’s Bakery And Cafe Facebook Page.

Angelina’s specializes in gluten free and vegan sweets, but it also serves coffee, tea, soups, salads, breakfast and lunch.


Photo via Angelina’s Bakery And Cafe Facebook Page.

Breakfast burritos, enchiladas, kale and tofu curry, lemon bars, brownies and cupcakes are all delicious options.


Photo via Angelina’s Bakery And Cafe Facebook Page.

See their up to date menu here.

Three Creeks Brewing And Pub


Photo via the Three Creeks Brewing Facebook page.

Three Creeks Brewpub offers up pizza, burgers, salads, and entrees like fish tacos, alongside beer, wine and cocktails.


Photo via the Three Creeks Brewing Facebook page.

There are also gluten free options on the menu at Three Creeks Brewing.



Photo via the Spoons Facebook page.

Spoons is a cool little place in Sisters Oregon serving up homemade soups, sandwiches, and frozen yogurt.


Photo via the Spoons Facebook page.

There are many gluten free options on the menu, so be sure to stop by when visiting Sisters.

Hiking And Biking Near Sisters Oregon

With the Three Sisters Wilderness on the doorstop of Sisters Oregon, hiking and mountain biking are popular activities.  The Three Sisters Wilderness covers over 286 thousand acres and has approximately 260 miles of trails to explore.

Proxy Falls

On the West side of North Sister is Proxy Falls.  While the trailhead to Proxy Falls is a bit of a drive down highway 242 from the town of Sisters, it’s well worth the visit.  This gorgeous 225 foot waterfall is not accessible in winter, but can be accessed as soon as Highway 242 is open for the season.

Whychus Rim And Creek Loop

Another great spot to hike not too far from Sisters Oregon is the Whychus Rim and Creek Loop.  This 4.7 mile loop is moderately challenging and is popular with hikers, trail runners, and walkers.  The best time to visit is between May and October.  Go on a week day when there will be less people using the trail.

Pacific Crest Trail And Whychus Canyon Preserve

You can also get access to the famous Pacific Crest Trail West of Sisters, and explore the Whychus Canyon Preserve.  This preserve is 930 acres and has gorgeous rimrock canyons on Whychus Creek northeast of Sisters.  There are seven miles of walking and hiking trails to explore, and visitors enjoy the scenic views of canyons and mountains.

Smith Rock State Park

Smith Rock State Park


Smith Rock State Park. Photo by David Lee via Flickr

Those willing to take the 40 minute drive East to Smith Rock State Park won’t be disappointed.  This park is a state gem with world class rock climbing, incredible wildlife, and stunning views.

Attractions Near Sisters Oregon


North Sister as seen from the Dee Wright Observatory. Photo by Kirt Edblom via Flickr CC2.

Black Butte Ranch

Visitors to Black Butte Ranch find stunning views of the Three Sisters mountains, over 120 vacation homes to rent, golf, horseback riding, 18 miles of paved hiking and biking trails, tennis courts and more.

Dee Wright Observatory

The Dee Wright Observatory offers stunning panoramic views of the stars and of the Three Sisters Mountains.

Whychus Creek Scenic Overlook Trailhead


The Three Sisters, as seen from the Whychus Creek Overlook. Photo by Joan Amero via Flickr CC2.

Another great spot to get panoramic views of the Three Sisters mountains is the Whychus Creek Scenic Overlook.  The overlook sits on top of cliffs overlooking Whychus Creek and can be accessed via a 1 mile long accessible trail.

The Population Of Sisters Oregon


The Three Sisters Mountains. Photo by Jonathan Miske via Flickr CC2.

According to the 2020 Census, the population of Sisters Oregon is 3,064 people.  This small community has a lot of charm, and attracts people who are looking to get away from city life for the weekend and to escape the crowds.

Please Note: Some of the wilderness areas and trails mentioned in this article require a recreation pass or fee to use.  Hiking, mountain biking and adventuring are at-your-own-risk activities.  Please follow the seven principles of Leave No Trace.


Two of the three Sister mountains in the fall. Photo by Bonnie Moreland via Flickr CC2.

Have you ever been to Sisters Oregon?  What’s your favorite thing to do when in Sisters or the Three Sisters Wilderness?  Let us know and tag the friends and family you want to explore Sisters Oregon with!  Share your photos with us!


Source: Guide To Sisters Oregon: Things To Do & More