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Learn how to cut a whole chicken with this easy step by step tutorial and save money on bone-in chicken pieces. This is the cheapest way to buy chicken that includes breast – and you can use leftover bones to make broth!

How To Cut A Whole Chicken Step By Step (& Save Money)

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I’ve gotten some comments through the years from people who wondered why I’d bother buying a whole chicken and cutting it up, so I thought I’d share with you why and how easy it is to cut a chicken – hopefully demystifying the process for any who haven’t cut a whole chicken up before.

The reason why you’ll often find whole chickens in my freezer instead of cut-up pieces is because it’s usually cheaper to buy chicken that way.

I can often find whole chickens for .99 to 1.29 a pound, but pieces are typically 1.39 to 1.99 or more a pound.

There are reasons to buy just the pieces, especially if you’re okay with the cheap leg quarter pieces, but for many dishes a whole chicken works great, plus you can collect the back bones to make a wonderful bone broth using vegetable ends and peelings (practically free broth is a good thing!).

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