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Yes, you CAN freeze beets – and after thawing these roasted beets taste just like you cooked them fresh! They are perfect for salads, sides, and other recipes. Freezing beets is a great storage solution for when you have a lot to take care of at once.

How To Roast And Freeze Beets (Picture Tutorial)

For some reason beets seem to be a pretty divisive vegetable- you either like them or you think they taste like “dirt.”

Personally, I don’t get it. I mean, beets are so sweet you can buy beet sugar.*

*Note: I know that sugar beets are white and different from what we eat. What I mean is that there is enough natural sugar in beets (similar to corn, too) that scientists could create beet varieties that produce more.

But I’m the lone beet-liker (beet-liker? Well, you know what I mean…) in my family. The kids won’t touch them and Brian merely puts up with them.

So I don’t serve them very often and I don’t grow a ton of them in our garden, just a couple of rows for me.

But you know what happens with even a few rows, right?

Most of the beets are all ready to be harvested at once. I have problem of too many beets for just me but then none for the future.

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