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Eugene Police would like to make residents aware of an issue with un-updated cell phones calling into the non-emergency number (541.682.5111), or other customer service-type phone tree systems. Some callers have had challenges getting through if their phones are not updated. Per Lumen, there is no way to fix this except for callers to make sure they update their cell phones if they are more than several updates lagging. The issue affects multiple carriers. 

Older versions of cell phone operating systems seem to have issues registering with the phone tree. When someone calls in, the cell phone is not registering on the phone tree when they are pushing buttons. This may be due to phone software being out of date and not supported by the caller’s carrier.

Eugene Police is encouraging residents who are having trouble calling in to customer service and response systems that have phone trees to update their phone operating software to have the most current operating software, or at least only a couple of prior versions.

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