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Oh, listen here, my dear Eugene kin,
A tale of packages, and a villainous grin.
Packages on porches, a festive delight,
Vanishing swiftly in the dark of the night.
Spread the word, in rhyme we decree,
A hundredfold watch, beneath the twinkling tree.
No stolen joy, no holiday plight,
Eugene unites, protecting with might!
Use these helpful tips to keep the Grinch from putting the humbug on your holiday cheer.\:
•Track your package and plan to be home when delivered.
•Schedule packages to arrive when you are home.
•Have packages shipped so that signature is required.
•Have packages delivered to a trusted friend, family member or neighbor who will be home.
•Have packages delivered to you at work.
•Send packages to a secure location such as an Amazon locker or UPS Access Point.
•Use the ship-to-store method.
•If sending a package, pay extra for insurance, tracking and signature required.
•Neighbors should be alert of criminal activity and call police if you notice anything suspicious!

If you are the victim of such a theft, the best way to report this is through My PD Connect, unless it is a crime in progress. If it is a crime in progress, call 911. If you can, gather as much info as you can: description of suspect (hair length and color, face color, height, weight, build, possible age, what they are wearing, what they are driving, license plate, etc. 

My PD Connect.

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