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Make this easy chicken foil dinner before your next camping trip and your first meal will be ready to be grilled at the campsite that night! Plus, it’s equally fun to make ahead and grill for dinner at home.

Make Ahead Chicken Foil Dinner For Camping or Grilling at Home

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I loved camping with our kids when they were younger. It’s the best way to see things on a budget and the whole camping experience was always a great bonding time.

But meals for camping trips need to be easy and tidy for me to enjoy camping. I don’t want to be working too much to enjoy the experience (cooking and cleaning up is so much harder camping!).

I found that preparing ahead is completely worth the work to make sure we eat well with as little fuss as possible while we’re on the road.

If you feel the same way then I think you’re going to love this chicken foil dinner our family tested out on this John Day-Northeastern Oregon camping vacation.

Since I don’t like to deal with raw meat while out camping (really hard to be as clean as I think you should be), I really wanted to see how brining pre-made chicken foil packet would turn out.

I added potatoes, onion, and a piece of corn on the cob since we had some from the garden, but green beans would be a nice alternative.

And we all loved it! In fact, this easy foil meal was such a hit that it became a staple of all our camping trips in our vintage trailer.

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