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At 7:21 p.m. on October 17, a man reported an attempted carjacking. He relayed that he was getting out of his vehicle while at Whole Foods, 353 E. Broadway, and when he shut his door, a man he didn’t know grabbed his arm from behind and pushed an object into his back demanding the keys to the vehicle. 

The victim, age 60, threw his keys and they landed near the front doors of the store. The suspect, later identified as Joseph Ramiro Higuera, age 35, is reported to have shoved the victim to the ground and then fled the scene. A Eugene Police Property Crimes detective located Higuera near E. 3rd and High. He was transported to Lane County Jail and lodged on a charge of Attempted Robbery in the Second Degree.  Case 23-15655

Please stay aware of your surroundings and continue to be vigilant about your personal safety.


Be careful around intersections controlled by stop lights or signs, garages and parking lots, shopping malls, grocery stores, and other locations. Sometimes the thieves can work in teams or pairs and approach a vehicle at a traffic signal or when you are getting into or getting out of your vehicle. 

Park your vehicle in a well-lit area where there is good lighting and that has high visibility. As you approach your vehicle, have your keys ready and be observant about people in the area. Lock your vehicle as soon as you get in and then keep your doors locked and if possible, the windows up as you drive around. 

When you stop in traffic, make sure you leave room between your vehicle and the vehicle in front so you can maneuver and escape if possible. 

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