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On July 25, an officer responded to and investigated a burglary in the West University area after a resident, who had been sleeping, discovered an unknown man inside his apartment. The man was standing in a doorway and as the resident woke up, the suspect shut the door and tried to tie the door handle shut. By the time the victim was free and searching for the suspect, the suspect was leaving. However, the victim managed to take a photo. The victim found keys missing as well as his computer and music equipment tampered with. Case 22-11209

Then, at 12:10 p.m. on July 25, officers responded to an apartment in the area of Olive & 13th regarding a man reported to have broken into an apartment, then seen attempting to enter several parked cars in the attached parking garage.

A caller in his 20s reported he found a man he didn’t know in the common space of his quad apartment huddled by the front door. When he confronted the unknown man, the victim said he had to push him out of the apartments to get him to leave. While officers were still arriving, several more calls came in regarding the same man in the parking garage smashing windows of cars and trying door handles. Two officers arrived and found the involved man, later identified as Derrick Joseph Bloomstrom, age 40, had run down the north west stairwell and was last seen west in W. 11th Alley.
 Multiple incoming officers all searched the surrounding area for Bloomstrom and then located him on a rooftop in the 1100 block of Charnelton Ally. Then Bloomstrom went onto a roof and made his way down the pitch onto an adjoining fence. Just as he made it to the ground officers closed in and detained him in handcuffs. 
 Bloomstrom was lodged on two counts of Unauthorized Entry Motor Vehicle, Criminal Mischief in the First Degree, and Criminal Trespass in the First Degree for this case (22-11216), and then also charged with Coercion and Burglary in the First Degree for the West University case (22-11209).

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