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At 9:14 a.m., Eugene Police received a report from South Eugene High School regarding two individuals, one with an airsoft or bb gun (this turned out to be a splatterball gun, which have become popular recently and shoot soft gelatin pellets). The original call location was near Patterson on 18th Avenue. The individual with the splatterball gun, later identified as Austin Edward Baldwin, age 24, of Springfield, was reported to have created alarm by his proximity to the school and his positioning of the splattergun.  

South Eugene High School called Eugene Police while one of their campus monitors arrived and maintained a view of Baldwin. Baldwin was contacted by Eugene Police officers in a parking lot at 500 E. 18th Avenue. Baldwin was found to have a splatter gun and a realistic-looking handgun replica. After an investigation, Baldwin was cited in lieu of custody for Disorderly Conduct in the First Degree.  Case 22-08333

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