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Man saved by quick officer and medic response

At 7:17 p.m. on October 5, a caller reported a man attempting to hang himself from a bridge at Norkenzie Road and Donovan Drive. Central Lane 911 dispatched Eugene Police officers and one quickly arrived on scene. 

The officer saw the 31-year-old man was actively attempting to hang himself and so he sprinted across both lanes of Beltline traffic, up an embankment and onto the bridge. Using a knife, the officer cut the man down. The victim was still struggling to breath due to the rope wound approximately 30 times around his neck. The officer tried to keep him down to help remove the rope, but the victim began trying to get up. The officer lost his knife in the dirt during the struggle to keep the victim down. A medic from Eugene Springfield Fire, without hesitation, rushed down the hill to assist and used his trauma sheers to try and cut the rope from the victim’s neck, while officers assisted. Together they worked to free the victim’s airway and were successful. Eugene Springfield Fire transported him to a local hospital, where he is expected to recover. He had no serious injuries. 

Case 23-14974  

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