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PENDLETON — Almost twice as much rain fell in April, May and June in Pendleton as the 30-year normal for those months, 1991 to 2020, according to National Weather Service records.

In January, February and March, the region still was in drought, with 3.60 inches of precipitation at Pendleton, versus the normal of 4.04. But a deluge fell in April, May and June, with 7.22 inches of rain, 1.95 times the norm of 3.71.

June was the wettest of this century in Pendleton, at 2.16 inches of precipitation. It barely beat June 2017, when 2.15 inches of rain fell.

May also set a record for this century, at 3.04 inches, versus 2.97 in 2010. April 2010 and 2012 were soggier, at 2.04 and 2.50 inches, than this year’s 2.02.

The rainiest May since 1894 occurred in 1906, when 3.36 inches fell. The record for June was set at 2.90 inches in 1923. The accuracy of early weather records at Pendleton has been challenged, however.

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