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BOARDMAN — It’s been more than two-and-a-half months since Mayra Colin found out the water coming from her kitchen tap in Boardman contained high levels of nitrates, which can cause serious health issues.

She’s still waiting for a permanent fix.

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Gerald Boullesteer, right, shows Morrow County Commissioner Jim Doherty how he uses pool testing strips to test the water in the home of his recently deceased father-in-law, Don Drayton. Test of the filtered water revealed below 10 parts per million for nitrate, while a test of unfiltered water was between about 13 and 20 ppm. Boullesteer uses the filtered water even to brush his teeth.

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Ana Pineyro, communicable disease specialist at the Morrow County Health Department, left, talks with a resident in West Glen neighborhood of Boardman about nitrate contamination and asks to sample his tap water.

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