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A message from Sheriff Cliff Harrold:

It’s National Volunteers Week and I’m excited to highlight the outstanding work being done by our very own Lane County Sheriff’s Office volunteers! Although our volunteers steadfastly work all year long, this specific week gives us an opportunity to step back and recognize these hardworking individuals who dedicate their time, efforts, talents and passion to serve the people of Lane County.

Our public service extends beyond the reach of our paid employees in the Corrections, Police Services, and Operations Support Divisions. Our volunteers give their time through a variety of ways, all with the same goal of serving the residents of Lane County. We currently have well over 300 volunteers donating thousands of hours to the Lane County Sheriff’s Office and community.

To put the hard work into numbers, our volunteers donate more than 28,000 hours annually, encompassing search and rescue missions, trainings, cold case investigation, public outreach, crime prevention, main office greetings and information, jail library, support groups, and religious services provided to adults in custody. I have listed below several of the programs to give a better idea of the vital functions being handled day in and day out by our volunteers who greatly improve the quality of service we are able to deliver to the Lane County community.

Cold Case Team
Mounted Posse
Reserve Deputy Sheriffs
Cadet Program
Search and Rescue
Crime Prevention Team
Corrections Library/Groups/Religious Services
Main Office Information

We are honored and so fortunate to have every single volunteer as a member of the Lane County Sheriff’s Office family. Thank you for your time, your dedication, and your commitment to serve!

- Cliff

For more info on the many ways to serve our county with us, visit Lane County