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On April 4 at approximately 4:30 p.m., Douglas Interagency Narcotics Team (DINT) contacted Eugene Police Street Crimes Unit regarding a narcotics arrest occurring in Oakland, Oregon, involving Eugene resident Michael Stewart Bethel, age 51. DINT conducted a stop of Bethel pursuant to an ongoing narcotics investigation. During the investigation, DINT located about ¼ pound of methamphetamine and dealer quantities of heroin.  

EPD SCU already had Bethel on their radar and based on the updated information from DINT, EPD SCU applied for and was granted a search warrant of Bethel’s residence in the 2600 block of Janelle Way in Eugene. A small contingency of EPD SWAT, EPD K9 and EPD SCU executed the search warrant at approximately 9 p.m. on April 4.  The subsequent search yielded two firearms, one of which was reported stolen from Springfield in 2021.  Bethel is a felon and is prohibited from possessing firearms. The search also revealed dealer quantities of methamphetamine, fentanyl, combination fentanyl/heroin, packaging material such as gram-sized plastic, resealable baggies, and scales.    

DINT and EPD SCU have worked successful joint cases in the past and are committed to enforcement through collaborative efforts, giving no quarter to persons trafficking narcotics within our cities and counties. EPD SCU was contacted by neighbors, and they were very thankful and expressed their concerns over the last few months regarding the consistent, short-stay traffic and high numbers of vehicles coming and going from the residence.


Unlawful Possession of Firearm by Felon, two counts

Possession of Controlled Substance, Delivery of Controlled Substance, Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance Methamphetamine

Possession of Controlled Substance, Delivery of Controlled Substance, Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance Schedule 2 (Fentanyl)

Possession of Controlled Substance Heroin  


SCU is funded by the City of Eugene’s Community Safety Payroll Tax and works in concert with communities to help solve issues. The unit focuses on prolific offenders, who are identified through intelligence-based policing, public tips, and other sources. They proactively respond across the city to quality-of-life issues as they arise, using all available resources and partners such as community groups, neighborhood associations and city services. SCU is dedicated to targeting immediate and acute community safety system issues while working toward mission-critical enhancements that need to be addressed through a longer-term and broader community safety initiative. 

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