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Today, Eugene Police rolled out the three new cams in several areas around town and will soon place a fourth. The primary purpose for the security cameras is to help deter crime through a visible, well-marked presence. Eugene Police installed cameras today at W. 8th  Avenue and Olive Street, Broadway and Olive Street, and Broadway and Willamette Street.  EPD will soon add one at E. 8th Avenue and Oak Street. The cams will not only serve as a visual deterrent but assist officers and detectives in investigating crimes that occur in the downtown core.  

The project was sent out for bid on December 6, 2022, and the winning bid was awarded to Overwatch Solutions in January 2023. Each unit cost $9,495 and was paid for through a Justice Assistance Grant. 

Officers will be able to access the cameras using a desktop computer or mobile device.  Should a crime occur, EPD will have the ability to obtain footage for use in identifying and apprehending suspects.

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