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My PD Connect will make your online crime reporting an easier, more efficient, and more personable experience.

A QR code for the reporting system is this post’s featured photo. You can also reach the system by calling 541.952.3210. The system will send you a text to the online report. 

My PD Connect is the next generation of EPD’s online reporting and will allow you to schedule a zoom or phone call with a CSO (a unit funded by the Community Safety Payroll Tax), upload photos and videos for your report, and do all of this from your mobile phone. 

MyPD Connect is for reporting commonly occurring types of property crime, such as theft from vehicle, stolen bicycles, fraud or scams, damaged property, or graffiti.

The new system gives you an option to schedule a virtual meeting via zoom or phone call with a CSO when you complete an online report. It is mobile friendly and will work across any type of mobile phone, as it adapts to any device and screen size to be inclusive of any device crime reporters are using. You can reach the system by calling 541.952.3210, and the system will send you a text to the online report. If you call the non-emergency line, the dispatcher can also send you a text to help you connect with the system. Before your scheduled zoom or phone call meeting, you will get a text reminder of the appointment. 

This new system will reduce call hold times and free up time for 911 calltakers and officers, allowing them to focus on other calls and field duties. It improves upon the services provided to the community by the Eugene Police Department. 

As the crime reports come in, the system will generate ‘heat maps’ to help EPD track crime trends for better response and prevention. The mapping is in real time, so if there is a rash of crimes in a particular area, it can flag this for EPD response. 

MyPDConnect supports any number of languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese and Korean. Forms are initially translated with Google Translate in real-time and staff can fine tune any of the translations to ensure alignment with native speakers.

My PD Connect replaces the “Coplogic” system EPD rolled out in 2010.

What is a CSO? 

Community Service Officers are trained, professional, unarmed, civilian, officers who respond to non-emergency calls for service to free up sworn officers for more emergent incidents. CSOs are responsible for more than 30% of the department’s case load focusing on property crimes, traffic crashes and hazards, and assisting patrol. CSOs have been a part of EPD since 1969, but only recently have expanded their unit to answer the community’s feedback for an alternate response team.

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