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PENDLETON — The National Weather Service in Pendleton issued a heat advisory for Tuesday, July 12, in the Tri-Cities and Hermiston areas. NWS is forecasting high temperatures of 103-106 degrees for the Columbia Basin.

“When a high-pressure ridge sits in, it pushes air down, and we get heating during the day,” NWS meteorologist Rob Brooks said.

For most of the week, the NWS predicts mostly dry, hot conditions with the occasional afternoon breeze. But for July 12, the high-pressure ridge will cause afternoon temperatures to rise.

While Eastern Oregon mountain areas may see isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon of July 12, Pendleton is expected to have a high of 102 degrees. Hermiston and the Tri-Cities will be slightly hotter, with Hermiston expecting a temperature in the 103-106 degree range.

The heat advisory should only last one day, with a southwest flow bringing cooler temperatures to the region the following days.

Temperatures rise again July 16 as the area remains under the high-pressure ridge, but the Pendleton area is not expected to break 100 degrees for the remainder of the week. By July 17, a low-pressure area should bring cooler weather.

National Weather Service also advised locals to drink plenty of water and stay in cooler locations.

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