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Incident: Officer Awareness Results in Location of Wanted Suspect in Stolen Vehicle
Location: 987 Kruse Way
Case Number: #23-03045
Date/Time: May 1, 2023 | 12:58 PM
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Completed By: AIC Sgt. Del Castillo

INVOLVED SUSPECT: Mespelt, Taylor Robert

On May 1st, 2023, at 12:58 pm a Springfield Police Officer was conducting routine patrol in the gateway area of the city. The officer drove through the parking lot of Denny’s at 987 Kruse Way and observed a male subject unconscious in the driver’s seat of a large utility/boom truck.

The officer attempted contact with the driver to check his wellbeing, with the driver regaining consciousness as the officer neared the vehicle. After a brief conversation the driver tossed a powdery substance out of the vehicle and onto the officer, before locking the vehicle’s door.

The driver then sped out of the parking lot at a high rate of speed. As the officer returned to his vehicle, the suspect vehicle could be seen driving recklessly as it turned northbound on Gateway Street. Due to heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the area, the officer did not to pursue the vehicle.

Almost immediately, SPD began to receive 911 calls about the suspect vehicle crashing near the intersection of Gateway Street and International Way. Available SPD officers responded to the area, while alert citizens provided SPD with information regarding the direction in which the suspect fled. These tips and the timely response of officers to the area resulted in an officer locating the suspect running through a nearby filbert orchard. The officer was able to successfully locate and take the suspect into custody without incident.

The involved utility/boom truck was found to have been stolen from the Salem area earlier in the day. In addition, the suspect was determined to have several confirmed felony warrants for arrest.

Elude be Vehicle | Reckless Driving | Reckless Endangering | Possession of a Stolen Vehicle | Hit & Run

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