Incident: Officer Follow-Through & Community Awareness Lead
to Return of Stolen Motorcycle
Location: S 51st Place, Springfield
Case Number: 23-05967
Date/Time: 8/29/2023 @ 1715hrs
More Information: Public Information Coordinator |
Completed By: Zak Gosa-Lewis, Public Information Coordinator

On the afternoon of August 29th, 2023, a Springfield Police Department Community Service Officer took report of a stolen motorcycle from a residence in Springfield. The owner shared that the motorcycle was partially disassembled in his driveway when it had been stolen overnight.

That evening, SPD received a call from concerned community members who had attempted to purchase a motorcycle but ultimately chose not to due to the absence of a title. An SPD Officer spoke with the community members and was able to recover key details about another motorcycle at the property that matched the aforementioned motorcycle that was reported stolen.

Early on the morning of the 30th, another SPD Officer contacted a resident at the address where the attempted sale was reported. While the resident was not the same individual who had interacted with the community members, Officers were able to recover several motorcycles from the property with the resident’s consent. Officers contacted the original reporter and were able to return his motorcycle this morning (pictured).

The investigation is ongoing, but it is believed that other motorcycles recovered from the scene match several others that were recently reported stolen in the area.