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At 8:28 p.m. on September 16, Eugene Police officers were dispatched to a report of a stabbing incident in the 600 block of Van Buren. A suspect, who also lives in the neighborhood, was reported to have run at a couple with a knife as they returned home. The suspect was reported to have chased the female around with a knife and she fled indoors. Her partner was injured when the suspect threw a handmade throwing star into him. 

Officers arrived and the suspect, David Ivan Piccioni, age 54, came out of his house onto his porch with knives in both hands.

Officers began giving Piccioni commands to drop the knives and that he was under arrest. Piccioni ignored all commands and was yelling and singing. After Piccioni came in and out of his house multiple times, picking up and dropping multiple types of weapons, a taser was deployed in attempt to incapacitate Piccioni. It was not effective and Piccioni continued to walk around disobeying commands and picking up weapons. Officers tried pepperballs and 40 mm less lethal impact weapons. Officers kept a parked vehicle in between them and Piccioni. At one point, Piccioni picked up a brick and threw it at a police vehicle. Then, Piccioni suddenly strode out the front door toward police, raising a broom handle like a spear. A taser deployment was ultimately successful in getting Piccioni to the ground. Responding officers went to take Piccioni into custody and he still had a broom handle and hit two officers in the face, injuring one near his eye. Once Piccioni was in custody, officers found additional weapons and knives on his person. Piccioni was transported by Eugene Springfield Fire to a local hospital for treatment. Once he is medically cleared, he will be transported to Lane County Jail on charges of Assault in the Second Degree, Unlawful Use Weapon, Menacing, Resisting Arrest, Assault on a Public Safety Officer. 

The victim was transported to a local hospital for removal of the throwing star. Case 23-13870

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