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See a (mostly) DIY 3+ year renovation of an old farmhouse from it’s former foundation-less and character-less state to a light and bright home that will last another 100+ years.

Our 1900 Farmhouse Renovation

After living in our 1982 ranch-turned-cottage for 12 years, we sold it looking for a smaller place with less garden maintenance as we moved into the “empty nester” phase of life.

Hmm, best laid plans?

For someone who enjoys old houses, vintage things, and a simpler way of life, it may come as no surprise that when we found an old farmhouse on 3 acres surrounded by horse pastures (harder to come by in the western U.S. than other parts of the country) I couldn’t say no.

Especially because it came with a view to die for – well after we opened up that side of the house to bring more of it in the house, that is.

Yes, even though it came with more acreage, no foundation, was two stories and had been stripped of all original character.

Thankfully for us, it also came with another home on the property we could live in while having a foundation added, extending the back of the home to be able to have a primary bedroom on the main floor, and renovating every square inch of the home.

We were able to move in three years after starting the renovation process when the first floor was mostly finished.

The second floor, it’s bathroom and stairs is still a work in process, but the house is actually everything I envisioned this sweet old farmhouse could be on our first walk-through – and more (who knew about the original beadboard kitchen ceiling and walls or the thick old-growth shiplap under the wallboard?).

On this page you’ll find all of the farmhouse’s renovation stages – from the before tours when we first took possession of the property to the before-and-afters of the first floor rooms after we’d been living in the home a few months.

I hope this mostly DIY renovation gives you inspiration as well as show how showing some love to an old house can give it a whole new life for the next 100 years!

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