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PENDLETON — Longtime Pendleton resident and business owner Virginia Livingston Merriman died Saturday, Nov. 26, in her room at McKay Creek Estates. She was 97.

Merriman was born Feb. 10, 1925, in St. Louis, Missouri, and grew up in southern Idaho during the Great Depression, her son Edward F. Merriman said. Like most people in the area, her family was poor, but a large garden helped keep them fed. Neighbors shared what they had and put everything into a large stew pot heated outdoors by a fire pit.

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As a young couple new to Pendleton in 1952, Ed Merriman, 31, left, and his wife Virginia Merriman, 26, pose with their two oldest children Kristine, 7, and Eddy, 1. Two more sons and two more daughters followed.


The Merriman of Pendleton pose for a photo during the Christmas holidays in 1972. From left, are Cindy, Ed, Randy, Virginia, Eddy, Kathy, Kristy and Rob, seated.


Virginia Merriman, 57, left, and her husband, Ed Merriman, 61, of Pendleton, pose for a photo in 1982.

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