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A woman has reported her five-year-old son, Stellen River Swanson, missing. It is unknown exactly when the child lost contact with his mother, as she is experiencing a mental health crisis. The child was last seen with his mom at 10 p.m. on August 1, near 11th and Lawrence. This morning, the mother reported she had the child stay with a friend, named Hannah. However, no one knows who Hannah is and where she and the child are located. This morning the mother was located at 351 W. 10th without the child. 

Stellen is described as a white male, age 5, with reddish-blonde hair, and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a dinosaur mask, grey tank top with “reptaur’ on it, and blue shorts. Eugene Police is looking for Stellen and we are also seeking the public’s help as well.

If anyone knows where Stellen is or has a lead, they are asked to call 911. Case 22-11576

Stellen at statute in Kesey Square

A photo of Stellen inside a home

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