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Associate winemaker Taylor Rebora welcomes guests to the Beckham Estate Vineyard tasting room. Amphorae pots remnants welcome visitors to Beckham Estate Vineyard, Sherwood.Winemaker Andrew Beckham with a few examples of terra cotta amphorae.Andrew Beckham reacts to Tom Savili's suggestion that amphora delivery to Cameron Winery includes removing them from the truck.Beckham Estate Vineyard in the hills above Sherwood. The tasting room at Beckham Estate Vineyard, Sherwood.Beckham's Novum Ceramics sells amphorae to other winemakers, such as Ross and Bee Maloof of Maloof Wines, Forest Grove.

Andrew and Annedria Beckham’s winery commands the best forest view since Macbeth peered over his castle walls. This beautiful winery located in the hills above Sherwood is where the Beckhams make modern Willamette Valley wines with an ancient twist.