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Yesterday, Eugene Police received a report of a skimming machine at a local convenience store, and EPD Community Engagement Team began visiting local convenience stores. The team is continuing the outreach and guidance to local businesses. The photo is of the actual skimming device discovered yesterday. 

A skimming machine is a very small device that a devious criminal can attach surreptitiously to an actual card reader to an ATM, grocery store, gas pump, or other retail credit/debit card reader. The devices can use blue tooth to transmit your bank card’s account information to the thief’s phone or computer. They can then take the account information from the card and use the credit/debit card, make duplicate cards, or sell it on the black market. 

Here is how to identify a skimming device before you insert your card:

  • If there’s a piece of the machine that does not look solid or like it has not been properly installed, it could have been tampered with. 
  • Use your hand on the machine before you insert your card to test if the machine’s parts are intact and feel solid
  • If you refuel your own vehicle at a commercial site, you can check to make sure the security seal near the reader is not broken. 
  • Also protect your pin numbers and passcodes when you enter them by covering them with your other hand. This is in case there is a hidden camera.
  • Be aware PIN numbers can be stolen via fake keypads placed over an ATM’s actual keypad
  • Card reading machines inside a building with more traffic are usually less likely to be tampered with

If you believe you have been victimized, call the bank or credit card company that issued the card. There is a number for reporting fraud on the back. Be sure to do this promptly to avoid more charges. 

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