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Travel Bliss: The Oregon Garden (Silverton, Oregon)


The Oregon Garden travel on UrbanBlissLife.comTraveling to Oregon? Stop by the Oregon Garden in Silverton for a visual feast of gorgeous color and tranquil botanical beauty. Sometimes, a girl’s just gotta get away. This summer, a girlfriend and I skipped town mid-week and headed just about an hour south of Portland, Oregon for a relaxing girls’ getaway. We were treated…

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Travel Bliss: The Oregon Garden Resort (Silverton, Oregon)


The Oregon Garden Resort travel on UrbanBlissLife.comLooking for a relaxing getaway in a gorgeous Pacific Northwest setting? Check out the Oregon Garden Resort in Silverton, Oregon.  Nestled in the quiet town of Silverton, Oregon, just a few miles south of the state capital of Salem and approximately one hour south of Portland, is The Oregon Garden Resort and the beautiful Oregon Garden….

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Travel Bliss: Salishan Spa & Golf Resort on the Oregon Coast


Salishan Spa and Golf Resort hotel review family travel on UrbanBlissLife.comTraveling to the Oregon Coast? Consider a stay at Salishan Spa and Golf Resort, a beach resort offering laidback luxury, great for couples travel, family travel, and group travel!  No matter how much tourism to Oregon state grows, the Oregon Coast seems to retain its small town coastal vibe. Growing up in Oregon, Salishan Spa…

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Food Bliss: Buckman Public House (Portland, Oregon)


Buckman Public House restaurant in Portland, Oregon, on UrbanBlissLife.comBuckman Public House in Portland, Oregon has a vibrant cocktail program, and serves artfully presented, creative lunch and dinner dishes in a former high school building. Portland, Oregon may be a young city but there are still so many untold stories and history within the walls of old structures in the midst of the city’s…

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Travel Bliss: 5 Tips for Choosing a Family Vacation Rental Home


5 Tips for Choosing a Vacation Rental Home - Cascara Vacation Rentals in Sunriver, Oregon on UrbanBlissLife.comIf you’re planning family travel, it can be challenging to sift through the thousands of options for a family vacation rental home. These five basic tips will help you get started on the right track to choosing the one that will suit your family! Travel plans in the works? With so many options out there,…

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Wine Bliss: Rain Dance Vineyards in Newberg, Oregon


Rain Dance Vineyards wine review on UrbanBlissLife.comLlamas, an artisan shop, and wonderful wines… if you’re visiting the Willamette Valley in Oregon, be sure to stop by Rain Dance Vineyards for a truly unique wine tasting experience! When headed out toward the heart of Oregon Wine Country along my favorite main back road, Bell Road, you can’t miss the big red barn…

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WINE BLISS: Woven Wineworks Pop-Up Series & Events


Woven Wineworks Pop-Up Series on UrbanBlissLife.comFamily-owned and operated Woven Wineworks offers delightful Oregon wines at several pop-up series events and tastings throughout the summer.  Summer in Portland, Oregon is magical. Every week and weekend is filled with food and beverage festivals, pop-up series events, cellar series events, concerts in the vineyards, movies in the vineyards… Oregon wine country blooms with…

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Travel Bliss: What to Do in Hood River, Oregon: Visit Kiyokawa Family Orchards


Kiyokawa Orchards in Hood River, Oregon. UrbanBlissLife.comAdventure to the scenic Columbia River Gorge and stop by the Kiyokawa Family Orchards in Hood River, Oregon for a day of farm fresh fun! The day that we visited Kiyokawa Family Orchards was an idyllic, picnic-perfect, Pacific Northwest kind of day. The skies were a magnificent clear blue, with not a cloud to be found….

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Becoming A Respected Business By Doing This One Simple Thing.

I’ll cut right to the chase. If everyone knew how well you know your business, they’d choose you every time. We all think this, in fact, we all know this. We spend years and thousands of dollars becoming excellent at our chosen profession, but the old axiom “if you build it they will come” only works in the movies.

Many of us have learned this the hard way. We’ve all spent money on advertising, tv, radio, digital, print, you name it: all in an effort to catch the ever fleeting attention of our prospective customers.

We clearly believe in our knowledge and our abilities or we wouldn’t be in business yes? So why aren’t we sharing our knowledge with our prospective customers? Is it because, like some people believe, that we fear giving away information undermines our businesses?

According to business biggies like Forbes:

“Writing about your business is one of the best ways to establish yourself or your brand as an expert in your field, it gives you a platform for sharing important industry-related information and insights. As you build up authority in your niche, this breeds trust and familiarity, keeping you top-of-mind when your prospects are ready to buy…”

Almost without exception, every successful business has a website, even the smallest shop. It’s a perfect place to put that writing: the company blog! This is something we should all absolutely be doing, it increases our visibility in google searches, we can link to it from Facebook and other social media, and it tends to keep prospective customers on our sites – where it’s easy to take advantage of what we have to offer.

There are a couple of downsides:

Many of us don’t have very many visitors to our websites.

Yes, you have to advertise your advertising to make it work – at least without having to spend a LOT of money.

One of the most successful ways to build your audience and reputation quickly is to get your work published.  Most of us think that we have to write a compelling and socially relevant story in order to be published, but many publications and trade magazines will place articles for a fee, often substantially less than a traditional 1/4 page ad would run.  And yes, EDN offers that service. So do many other media and in particular trade related magazines.  It’s important to find one or more that give access to your prospective customer and not just other professionals in your trade.

Another upside is you now have a permanent “backlink” to your site – that means greater visibility in search engines (like Google!) and an increase in traffic to your actual website.

Leveraging our social media sites, sharing in target groups and forums are additional ways to help solve this.  I’ll talk about these in a future post.

Writing can take a lot of time.

While this is true, there are a number of ways to address this.  You can hire a writer, you can cover very specific and easy to explain topics (offering tips for example), or you can use an image based approach – heavy on the photography, light on the explanation.

Good writing requires skill.

There is no getting around that one.  However, you can quickly build your skills by using another article as an example of how to write yours (don’t plagiarize) including language, structure, etc.  You can also hire a professional to do this.  If you are looking at paid placement of your content, that is often a service you can include in your package.


An excellent (and admittedly expensive) example of a successful “blog as advertising” partnership is this one from Cole Hann:  Fashion company Cole Hann partnered with The New York Times’s advertising unit, T Brand Studio, to produce an impressive piece of sponsored content called ‘Grit and Grace. Cole Haan commissioned T Brand Studio to promote its new collection of ballet flats. The result: a multimedia feature on three dancers from the New York City Ballet.

Here’s another example – this one a little more down out of the stratosphere.  This is a “guest post” on a trade centric website about auto repair tips and suggestions.  Can you tell what they are advertising?  No, but it does make you want to know more about what they have written about.  Exactly what should happen.  Imagine specific content like this that brings the customer to your website to learn more about what you have to offer.

Never underestimate the value of knowledge that you have that seems obvious to you.  Sometimes the simplest things can be your biggest winners.  By choosing topics that are not only relevant to your business, but that also are currently relevant to your prospective customers, you can begin to build a reputation as not only a knowledgeable source, but a “customer friendly” business.

Don’t overlook this very simple, very effective way to bring your business to that coveted top-of-mind spot in your prospective customers minds.

Thanks for reading.

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