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Insider, Steffen Rowe responds to Nick Fleming’s RV/GCR Intel Update 8-13-21, and other “RV Intel” 

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Flemming: On Wed. 11 Aug. the Emergency Broadcast System Alert test went out, but only to a small percentage. Apple iPhone blocked the alerts because compliance by the US TV News and media has not been demonstrated. How this would be addressed was unknown.

Tank: the FEMA controlled Integrated Public Alert Warning System was disabled by the Interim Head of State using the only real Quantum Mapping System that exists on this planet. I.P.A.W.S. would have been used as a frequency weapon to force compliance with vaccines, leading into an all out holocaust. This would have initiated FEMA CAMPS/GREEN ZONES/ INTERNMENT CAMPS or what you would more commonly recognize as Concentration Camps. 

Flemming: There would be a smooth transition of power to Trump and his new cabinet, staff along with Vice President, General Flynn.

Tank: This was the plan of the Order of the Black Sun. Much of the Military is loyal to Trump because he purportedly brought in funds through the Back System, and prophesied to be the Savior and Ruler of the New World by one of the “Ascended Masters,” confirmed in the false representation of information gathered from the predictive analysis technology known as “Looking Glass.” 

President Trump is trying to perpetuate the illusion that he’s still in command, ready to implement the Black Sun version of the mass extermination of humanity, a plan sold as the solution to the fabricated issue of overpopulation with its false source of “Global Warming.” 

Flemming: On August 11th and 12th former President Trump and the Deep State were prepared to step back into a power position, with Trump being restored as the President honoring the accurate vote count and choice of the people.

Tank: Trump lied to the military, the world, and to the People, never disclosing the source of the funding he brought in through the portable terminal he was in possession of and which he took with him when he vacated the White House. This terminal in fact connects him directly to the Back System, which in turn connects to the Military and Intelligence Systems, the Global Financial System, and the Quantum Mapping System. Where Trump lied is in portraying that he was the one in control of the Back System. This week Kimberly Ann Goguen corrected this disinformation by sending out recordings to every “White Room” in the world, as well as military leaders and relevant personnel. The video recordings show Trump using this terminal in the White House as he connects with Goguen, obtaining her advice and permission to draw down funds, as well as verify essential information. Trump never admitted to anyone he was working with Goguen directly, and instead used his illusion of power it to fuel his own Black Sun agenda. This counter move by Goguen supplies proof that she is the one in control of the Quantum System, the Global Financial System, and the Intelligence and Military Systems. 

Flemming: The Internet and Telegram would not go down. The Starlink Quantum Satellite Communication System, critical for the QFS and Internet, would be connected to all countries by Wed. evening 11 Aug. Everyone will be getting emergency alerts on their phones, TV’s, radios & internet. It will override all other broadcasts and could last for several hours at a time.

Tank: Starlink is not Quantum, and it is not functioning. Starlink is not, nor has it ever been connected to a Quantum Financial System (QFS). A Quantum Financial System that manages strictly financial transactions does not actually exist. There is a Quantum Mapping System, sometimes called the “World System” that used to be controlled by the World Council. But the World Council has been eliminated along with their access, control, and ability to in any way influence operations on this planet. The Quantum Mapping System continues to control the functions stated above, and is fully controlled by Goguen. 

Flemming: Up to eight announcements would take place over the next three days. Do not to be afraid of what’s coming as it is for the safety of our nation for this to unfold.

Tank: This phase would have ensured the safety of the Deep State at the expense of the people. Trump stated in a meeting on Wednesday that he was going to activate the “RV” or “Currency Revaluation.” While touted as the solution to poverty and scarcity, the RV would have instead collapsed the Global Economy while reducing the value of the dollar to a fraction of a penny. Devout currency holders, if allowed to exchange, would have traded one useless piece of paper for another, with only the symbol and numbers changing in the system rather than the actual value. Although the Deep State hierarchy was allowed to profit from the Kuwaiti Revaluation in the 90s, and individuals who continue to act as public advocates for the RV have been allowed to turn in their currency, they in fact received a stipend as payment to continue perpetrating the RV myth.

The reality is that the RV was intended to stall the people who were awake enough to change the world. The exchange centers spoken about for years on public calls, along with the legendary, benevolent Chinese Elders, the magical 800 numbers, financial freedom and unprecedented newfound wealth, were part of a Psychological Operation designed to stall and divert those who would have implemented positive plans for humanity. If the 800 numbers had been released, and the Black Sun, Dragon Family, and Deep State Military controlled operation had moved forward, the Currency “Exchange Centers,” Green Zones, FEMA Camps, and concentration camps would have served the same purpose: to permanently eliminate the segment of humanity that would have enacted positive change. 

Flemming: DO NOT travel to any large cities (especially Philadelphia) for the rest of the month. Military operations will be taking place in many of the major corrupt cities. Where does the claim end and the rebuttal start? People will start rioting once this Intel breaks thinking Trump is a military dictator. He only has 13 days to put this dog down.

Tank: If this series of events had taken place as designed, those “in the know” would have been dragged from their homes alongside everyone else, undoubtedly still parroting that everything was going to be “okay.” Trump would have played the part of military dictator, with General Flynn alongside as Vice President to boost his credibility with the Military. Deep State contract mercenaries situated in Durango, CO, Cheyenne, CO, and in various locations over the world are just now realizing that all roads lead back to Interim Head of State, Kim Goguen.

This latest phase of awakening occurred after the contract fulfillment that was to have occurred on Monday after the Lion’s Gate when the Sanhedrin Council was to have attained control of the Back System, proved to be non-existent. In reality, all ability to fulfill financial obligations, or to access significant funding of any kind has been removed from all levels of the Deep State. 

Flemming: The USN gold-backed dollar would be announced sometime between Sat. 14 Aug. to Sun. 14 Aug. by Judy Shelton or Treasury Sec. Manunchin.

Tank: The Gold Backed or Asset Backed standard has already been implemented and is waiting to be fully recognized. The Deep State plan was to eliminate currency altogether and implement a banking credit system using the Azure system. This would have used all of our bio-analytic data to create a value based on our activity throughout the rest of our lives. The Deep State bankers would have determined each individual’s worth based on compliance with their control system with them as the absolute regulatory authority on all matters. They have begin rolling this plan out in places like France, the Philippines, and New York, restricting access to stores, restaurants, and public venues without proof of vaccination.

Vaccines were the key to equipping you to hear, taste, touch, feel, and think how the Deep State wanted. For those who want to dismiss this report because you love Trump, you should ask yourself why he still takes credit for bringing the vaccines to market so quickly when they’re clearly harmful to people. While he appears to be boasting how he saved so many lives, in reality he’s reminding the Black Sun how many lives he’s taken. Further, former Secretary Steven Mnuchin was running a child sex trafficking operation out of the U.S. Treasury and Trump was presented with explicit video evidence proving this fact. Mnuchin used the videos from various child sex parties he hosted to blackmail other government employees to cooperate with the Black Sun Agenda.

Trump did nothing to stop this from happening. Mnuchin also presented Trump with fraudulent Gold Certificates, claiming they were from the Chinese Elders. When the information was entered into the terminal that Trump kept in his possession, the credentials of ownership went back to Kimberly Ann Goguen. 

Flemming: Yesterday EBS was just a test to see and tag which companies don’t comply to the national security rules. Lots of broadcasters, media, internet service providers and, Apple and Google didn’t comply. They caught them all, again.

Tank: As we have stated, the EBS, in this case the Integrated Public Warning System, was shut down and the Deep State, including those posing as the White Hats, do not in any way possess control of this system.  Kim explains the world financial system in this video:

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Podcast: Horchata Squad 2.0: New hosts, same drink


Welcome to Horchata Squad 2.0, an official Emerald opinion section podcast with hosts Veronica Fernandez-Alvarado and Marian Fragoso. The new additions to the show include some illuminating momentos from outside the booth and a shoutout to femmes of color within the University of Oregon community. The first topic this season is about the recent school shooting in Parkland, FL, and explores what gun ownership, media attention and mental health mean within communities of color.

Catch up on the previous season of Horchata Squad on SoundCloud.

This podcast contains language that may not be suitable for all listeners.

Music in this episode is Cafe Tacuba “Como Te Extraño Mi Amor” by Cafe Tacuba and “Fertilizer” by Frank Ocean.

This episode was produced by Alec Cowan.


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Lovely: The state of immigration

On January 30, 2018, President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union address. Immigration was something I was eager to hear about because of the controversy over Trump’s proposed solutions, especially involving immigration reform. I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard.

The Diversity Visa Lottery system

The Diversity Visa Lottery system in place provides too many opportunities for dangerous people to gain entry to the country — its only requirement is to have a high school education or two years of experience in a job that required training. Since there’s no background check required, this system leaves too much room for error and loopholes that allow criminals into the country. It is a threat to national security.

Trump is moving to change the visa system to a merit-based system that supports those with education, vocational skills and a clean record. This is especially important because of the recent terrorist attack in New York that was carried out by an immigrant who used the current system. There cannot be room for error when the threat it poses is terrorism.

The Chain Migration system

Chain Migration allows U.S. citizens and permit residents to apply to have relatives gain entry to the country, but it’s another huge loophole criminals can use to enter the country undetected. It does not give the government enough control to keep the safety of the country a top priority. According to the President, this has been a big issue with a specific gang, MS-13, whose members are responsible for 17 deaths in the past two years. The Trump administration proposed to only allow direct spouses and children to use the Chain Migration system. This will help keep gangs such as MS-13 out of the country and keep American families safe.

A path to citizenship and DACA

The President also proposed a plan that will offer a path to citizenship for immigrant youth that were brought here through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA’s lack of citizenship path and its open parameters need to be changed before the program continues: all programs that allow people to continually live in this country should lead them to citizenship. This is possible through Trump’s proposal, by way of a 12-year period which will welcome the 1.8 million children who want to be in America, and encourage them to stay.  

Border control plans

Finally, President Trump proposed to have higher border security by hiring more ICE officers and building a stronger border wall. The wall has been a topic of controversy in the media because it’s been presented as a way to shun Mexico. But in an article about a congressional meeting that included both parties, reporters noted that Trump “conceded that ‘We don’t need a 2,000-mile wall,’” and that “Republicans and Democrats both said they believed Mr. Trump was using the term ‘wall’ to describe border security, not necessarily a giant physical barrier.” This diffused misconceptions, helping me understand the end goal for the Trump administration’s immigration plan. It gave me perspective, allowing me to feel less like the country was shunning Mexico and kicking out illegal immigrants: the plan is more about increasing public and border safety. Considering what I know about the kinds of threats that are already in our country because of weak borders, these things are necessary.

The Trump administration has been highly criticized in its first year in office, but its overall goal is to put the needs and safety of Americans first, which is something that is evident in their new immigration policy. The need for change is obvious and it’s not always negative, even if it has Donald Trump’s name on it. Any American should be able to see that the systems in place could benefit from the President’s proposals, even if they don’t support him. I used to be a huge critic of Trump and his policies, but now I’m convinced that the new policies that his administration has laid out show a different side to the President that I am just beginning to see – and I hope that others can see it too.

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Spaeth: The Catalan Valentine’s Day, Sant Jordi

Every year as the winter holidays come to a close, the general public collectively cringes as Valentine’s Day approaches. The Hallmark holiday is criticized for being superficial and ‘extra.’ It has become not the holiday of love, but the day of forgotten gifts and forever alone memes.  Not exactly what St. Valentine was expecting. If you forgot to buy your significant other a V-day gift or if you are just looking to boycott the classic holiday traditions, here is a look at how Barcelona, land of fiery romance and large unfinished churches, celebrates.

Although not a traditional holiday in Spain, Barcelona still celebrates a version of Valentine’s Day sans the cheesy heart merch.  In Barcelona it is typical to celebrate love on April 23, La Diada de Sant Jordi — or St. George Day. On Sant Jordi, the people of Catalan celebrate romance and loved ones. Many centuries ago, it is said that a small village lived in terror of a menacing dragon living nearby.  Every day the people sacrificed sheep and cattle to appease the dragon until inevitably, they ran out of livestock. The dragon threatened to destroy the village if they did not continue to provide him with gifts.  The people decided to start sacrificing their children. They put all the names of the village’s children into a hat and pulled out the name of the unfortunate child to be sacrificed to the dragon. They pulled the first name and the people were horrified to see that the king’s daughter was to be given to the dragon.  The legend states that a handsome knight, outraged, followed the daughter to the dragon’s lair, determined to bring the king his daughter back. This knight was named Sant Jordi, and in a blaze of glory he slayed the dragon, saving the damsel and returning to the village a hero. From the blood of the slayed dragon blossomed a rose tree. Jordi picked the biggest, most beautiful rose and gave it to the princess. This sparked the Catalonian tradition of men giving their beloved princesses a red rose on La Diada de Sant Jordi.

It is a beautiful tradition, and now every year on April 23, the streets of Barcelona blossom with color as street vendors fill their shops with roses of every color.  The most traditional is a red rose, the color of love, but this holiday is not limited to lovers. Men buy roses for friends, mothers and daughters, and shops sell an array of roses so there is a rose for every girl in the city.  

Men are not the only ones who give gifts on La Diada de Sant Jordi. The ladies are actually tasked with the tougher job. Buying candy or flowers is always appreciated, but in Barcelona, they buy something more personal for their loved ones. The women of Barcelona scour the book shops looking for either their favorite book or the perfect book for their special someone. Along with street shops selling roses there are hundreds of pop up book shops lining the streets of the Passeig de Gràcia, the Barcelona city center. Authors from all over are invited so that shoppers can get their favorite books signed. The tradition of book giving is said to be have started because April 23 is Shakespeare’s birthday. These traditions have kindled a Catalonian saying, “A rose for love and a book forever.”

These traditions are not widespread in America. But if you have been procrastinating on finding a gift for your significant other, or just want to brighten up a friends Valentine’s Day, buy them a rose or give them one of your favorite books and relay the Catalonian legend of the dragon and the rose.

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Yanez: An inside look at conservative feminism

What comes to mind when you think of feminism? One might think of the Women’s March or the #MeToo movement. Another might think of fighting against the gender wage gap or for paid parental leave. What comes to mind when you think about conservatism? While I’m sure there’s a lot that many in the UO community might come up with to describe conservatism, it’s unlikely that many would think of feminism. In fact, I would likely get a side eye from several UO students if I said that conservatives could be feminists, too.

Issues Conservative Feminists Care About

Most who consider themselves liberal, or at least sympathetic to liberal feminist issues, might be asking themselves what conservatives believe are women’s issues. It’s no secret that many conservatives believe that, in most cases, men and women have equal rights.

When reading an article written by the Network of Enlightened Women, an organization for conservative women, it seems to be that conservative women believe that “liberal feminists are waging war against conservative women. They are attacking conservative women who do not agree with their political agenda.” They continued, “Conservative feminism means empowering women in the workplace, politics and in society to achieve equal opportunity. It does not and should not mean radicalizing feminism to connotatively and definitively include only liberal issues like abortion and promoting a promiscuous sexual culture.”

Feminism, according to the New Oxford American Dictionary, is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” Krystal Antolin, a third-year student studying political science at the University of Oregon, stated that she felt that the feminist ideas expressed by liberals seems to “divide and contradict each other,” implying that the Women’s March, which condemns some discrimination and prejudices against women, does not condemn as much as it could. By the previously stated definition, Antolin argues that “It is possible to be a conservative and feminist, because as an individual, you may fall under the conservative political spectrum with the focuses of advocating for specific issues for women’s rights.”

How Conservative Feminists Viewed the Women’s March

Regarding the Women’s March, Antolin said that she didn’t “see a place for conservative women who are pro-life nor who have voted for Donald Trump during the 2016 election.” This is understandable considering how many of the signs at the event could be viewed as more anti-Trump than pro-feminism. It’s understandable why anti-Trump signs would be present, considering his indefensible dialogue in the Billy Bush video that was revealed during the election.

The idea of the Women’s March being accused of not being about much more than resisting the president isn’t exclusively conservative. Liberal feminists have also called the Women’s March “a failure.” Bitch Media author Rae Gray stated that the Women’s March “started with Trump and went nowhere due to a hollow ideology that fails to recognize and condemn the violent history of a state founded on Black labor and Brown blood and instead chooses to condemn a single Republican administration — that is, when it can see beyond one man.” Though we understand what the Women’s March is supposed to be about, it’s disappointing to see the purpose of such an event can be easily overshadowed by its resistance to the president, even if he’s perceived as part of the issue.

How Conservative Feminists View the Gender Wage Gap

When asked about the gap in pay between men and women, Krystal Antolin told me “the wage gap doesn’t exist, but the occupational gap does.” She then described the occupational wage gap as “career preferences” and the amount of time off taken by women for family situations such as maternity leave. The assertion about maternity leave can be confirmed by the Pew Research Center.

Elizabeth Russeau stated that the wage gap is “simply the difference between the average earnings of all men and women working full-time. It does not account for differences in occupations, positions, job tenure, education, or hours worked per week.” The math tells us that gender is a factor in one’s wage, but that’s all it tells us; there isn’t anything linked to gender that would make an economist believe it’s strictly due to sexism, experience or education. Hence, economists are left to hypothesize and test their theories until a more concrete explanation can be found.

If we’re going to achieve anything in today’s political climate, we need to put away our political differences and focus on where we do agree. Nobody gains anything by claiming that either side is misogynistic just because they don’t agree on abortion or affirmative action. The sooner we can work together, the sooner we can truly make a difference.

We can start by sitting down with those we disagree with and acknowledging our similarities. In the long run, both sides want many of the same outcomes. Much of the time, the difference is how we get there. Until we start having meaningful conversations where we listen to each other and take what we’re saying into consideration, we will never get anywhere in solving these issues.

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Griggs: What is self-care and how do you do it?

Indulging in “self-care” is a reasonable response to both the current political climate and the increased risk for mental health issues that many millennials face. Self-care isn’t just a millennial obsession, of course; in Audre Lorde’s 1988 book of essays, “A Burst of Light,” she writes that “caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” Lorde’s ideas are meant for and are especially revolutionary for queer women of color, who suffer at the hands of the current system.

But in the era of Trump, this idea seems to have been co-opted as a trend, and it makes sense. It is, of course, important to take care of yourself; to say no to overworking yourself and expecting perfection, which contributes largely to the millennial mental health epidemic. It is especially important for marginalized groups of people to recognize when they are being exploited by the system and by other people, and when they’re allowed to take a break. During the special election in Alabama this past December, black women turned out in large numbers to vote for Democrat Doug Jones over accused pedophile Roy Moore, and were celebrated for “saving America” on social media, which shows how much labor this group of people puts forth and how much Lorde’s ideas about self-care are necessary. This idea was extrapolated on by singer Solange in an interview with W Magazine: “Even in the midst of this last week with the multiple murders of young black men that occurred, I chose this time not to watch. Just for the sake of being able to exist in that day, to exist without rage, and exist without heartbreak. To be able to get up and tell my child to have a wonderful day and know that he’ll be protected and nurtured and loved and treated like an equal contributor to society, I sometimes have to choose to not look.” One does not always have to participate in the tumultuous world, especially if one is part of a largely marginalized group of people, and it is clear that Solange and Lorde’s ideas of caring for yourself are in the least selfish vein possible.

It’s also necessary for everyone, no matter their privilege and experience, to take care of themselves before helping other people. Increased awareness of the importance of this, especially regarding mental health issues, has blown up over social media, and it’s been helpful. In an interview with NPR, Hyepin Im, an expert on mental health and digital advocacy, said that “…the introduction of social media throughout the millennial generation has increased understanding of mental illnesses and decreased the stigma.” And it’s especially important for people with mental health issues to take time to care for themselves, through therapy or exercise, for example.

 But self-care culture can prove to be destructive and selfish, especially for people with a lot of privilege who aren’t doing it the right way. An example of self-care leading to self-destruction happens within “wine mom culture”, which is now known as a Facebook meme. It’s middle-aged women using alcohol as a reward and can lead to them drinking far more than they should, impacting not only their own health but the safety of their children. Self-care needs to be responsible, and not done at the whims of others – and Audre Lorde shouldn’t be quoted to make up for irresponsible behavior.

Treating yourself can cause more problems for yourself when it’s short sighted, focusing only on what you want in the moment. This includes eating a bunch of junk food or staying in bed to watch Netflix all night, or skipping something that might prove to be more beneficial to you in the long run, like spending time with family or friends. “When you have a craving for chocolate, do you tend to tell yourself that you need chocolate? Instead of automatically giving in to a craving, first consider what you might really need,” said Carrie Dennet in an article for the Seattle Times. Chocolate can be replaced with any quick fix here – it’s not that you can never give in and satisfy that immediate craving, but if you do it all the time, it’s just going to cause more damage.

While it is certainly okay and healthy to occasionally remove yourself from social situations to work on your own mental health, it’s also important to be a good friend and parent. And while it’s sometimes necessary to retreat from the world of politics, it’s not okay to become complacent, especially if you have a lot of privilege. Go to the friend’s party you promised them you’d go to. Do your best to educate people on issues you feel they could benefit from. And don’t stay inside and watch Netflix every day. It will benefit your mental health and help the people around you.

Ideas for Healthy Self-Care:

-Turn off news notifications on your phone. It’s damaging for one’s psyche to be constantly receiving updates about nuclear war. (I’m speaking for my anxious self here).

-Don’t back out on too many promises. Sometimes you might be having a terrible night, and you don’t have to go to every party. But you should try your best to maintain your commitments, especially to the people close to you.

-Treat yourself when it’s okay to do so. You don’t always have to beat yourself up about splurging a little, but do it in a way that will ultimately help you. Maybe buying a new pair of sneakers would encourage you to run more, or a scented candle could help you relax.

-Ask for help when you need it. You don’t have to be perfect all the time! In fact, you certainly won’t be! Give yourself a break. You’re probably doing things pretty well.


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Colussi: What is causing America’s gun problem?

On January 23, 2018 in Kentucky, America had its 11th school shooting of the year. Two 15-year-old students were killed and 18 more were injured. The day before that, a pickup truck pulled up to a school in New Orleans and fired into a crowd of students; thankfully only one had minor injuries. On the same day at a school in Texas, a 16-year-old shot a 15-year-old with a semiautomatic handgun. On January 13, a man shot three people and killed one at a party in a Springfield apartment complex with a semiautomatic weapon.

A common suggested solution to all of this violence is stricter gun control laws, but we need to look closer at other factors that contribute to gun violence. Three possible solutions to the problem of gun violence come to light: increasing access to mental health services, working to dismantle the patriarchy and passing legislation that bans people with a history of domestic violence from owning weapons.

Strictly from a numbers perspective, suicide and domestic abuse are a much larger problem than mass shootings. Access to mental health services is a problem in this country — 56.5 percent of US adults with a mental health condition didn’t receive mental health services in 2017 — and easy access to firearms increases the severity of the issue. In 2014, suicide was the tenth leading cause of death in the United States; for people aged 10-34, it was the second. Firearms increase the likelihood of suicide because they’re easy to use; suicides account for two-thirds of all gun deaths. There is empirical evidence that suicides are not usually planned out over a long period of time, but rather occur in moments of heightened vulnerability. A study in Houston of people aged 13 to 34 who attempted suicide found that 24 percent of them spent less than five minutes between deciding to attempt suicide and making the attempt. Easy access to guns and quick decision-making are a bad combination. There is little evidence that people with mental illness are at a higher risk of violence towards other people, but since suicide rates are high, increasing access to mental health services is an important way to reduce the overall amount of gun violence in America.

The majority of mass shooters are white men. Psychiatrist James Gilligan, who researches and has direct experience with violent perpetrators explains, “Masculinity… is literally defined as involving the expectation, even the requirement, of violence” in instances such as wartime, all-male combat sports or response to personal insult. This toxic masculinity that permeates society is dangerous when mixed with easy access to guns. If the patriarchy is dismantled, toxic masculinity will eventually die out. Three ways to put an end to the patriarchy are to hold the media accountable for victim blaming and male-dominated journalism/movies; teach men and boys that it’s okay to express their feelings and emotions; and get rid of the “strong and silent” expectation that prevents men from showing vulnerability.

Another important part of examining gun violence is occurences of domestic abuse. In domestic violence situations, the presence of a firearm increases the risk of homicide by 500 percent. In at least 54 percent of mass shootings, the shooter previously shot an intimate partner or relative. For example, in November 2017 Devin Kelley shot 25 people and an unborn child with a semiautomatic rifle. He had a history of domestic violence, sexual assault allegations, animal cruelty, threatening text messages and had even escaped a mental health facility. He was court martialed after he beat and choked his wife, threatened her with a firearm and hit his infant stepson hard enough to fracture his skull; but none of this prevented him from purchasing guns. The current gun system failed to protect her, her son and every single person wounded or killed by Kelley. If there were laws preventing people with a history of domestic violence from owning weapons, this tragic incident would never have happened.

While gun control laws such as universal background checks or a ban on bump stocks are a good idea, these laws should be combined with an intense further examination of social circumstances that create an atmosphere of violence. Providing more access to mental health services and dismantling the patriarchy will help reduce the amount of gun violence in America.

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Charles: Jewish and Muslim community members work to bridge cultural gaps

Last Tuesday, Jan. 30, the Oregon Hillel Foundation and the Muslim Student Association held a joint dialogue panel about Judaism and Islam. The panel is called Manzil Midrash and has been a recurring event for the last couple of years. The topic on Tuesday was about important figures in history and the purpose was to highlight those in each respective religion who achieved status for having an honorable character. Figures we discussed were Saladin, Malcolm X, Jake Tapper, Justice Elena Kagan and Justice Ruth Ginsburg. Everyone quietly got some free food that was offered at the event and listened to the presenters discuss the material. Several people lamented how infrequently good Muslim behavior is spoken of in the media. I personally benefited a lot from this specific discussion — it was nice to hear more about Malcolm X’s story. I hadn’t realized how much he mobilized POC in this country to become activists themselves.

Manzil Midrash is an effort to bridge the gap between two religious groups that are often portrayed in the media as inherently hostile toward each other. Both groups choose topics that they believe will generate feedback and engagement with the audience. Occasionally, the discussions are challenging — there have been heated moments during previous panels about the occupation of Palestine. Some participants are Israeli while some are Palestinian. The heated moments remind the audience of the human cost of the conflict and does not reduce the matter to mere statistics and geography. For those who are only familiar with the conflict from the media, this serves as a firsthand account by people who discuss their experiences. More often than not, people leave the events feeling more informed than frustrated.

Some discussions have been oriented around similarities between Judaism and Islam. For instance, both faiths are strictly monotheistic and Abrahamic and have legalistic traditions with varying interpretations. For many, religious identities simply serve as a means of social cohesion and preserving tradition. It can be difficult for international and out-of-state students in particular to find their community with like-minded individuals.

Holy sites that pertain to Judaism are often clustered around holy sites that are valuable to Muslims, such as the Dome of the Rock. These sites, by their very nature, are responsible for generating bitter dissension. A primary example would be Trump’s formal recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and his plan to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This sparked massive protests across Muslim communities and those who support the Palestinian cause in defense of “Al Quds,” which is the Arabic word for Jerusalem.

I do not project these conflicts will be solved any time soon; but dialogue offers opportunities for those committed to the cause and is beneficial to the greater community. Conflict resolution is deeper than simply talking about issues from a personal point of view; skills learned while approaching difficult topics can be useful elsewhere. Sometimes individuals leave with more questions than answers, and that’s okay. Hillel and the Muslim Student Association have close ties to each other, and outside of these dialogue sessions, members interact with one another regularly. If an individual can emerge from these panels with a deeper understanding of the inherent complexities of conflict and faith, then the dialogue was successful.

Future meetings will be on the following dates:

  1. Tuesday, February 13, 6-8pm, Mills International Center

Violence: Wars in Israel/Palestine & The Impact of Terrorism on Muslims and Jews

  1.    Tuesday, February 27, Diamond Lake Room

The Conflict’s Impact on the Environment

Here is a link to the Facebook event page if you would like to follow it.

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Trinidad: Bring Uber back to Eugene

It is difficult to remember life before Uber. During my summer in D.C., it was a godsend. It saved me from constant subway delays and closures, public transit deserts, monsoon rains and late-night excursions. It became something I could not imagine living without. Then I returned to Eugene.

Since 2015, the ride-sharing service has been ousted from Eugene for failing to meet local taxi regulations, putting commuters at the mercy of public transit and a handful of taxi companies. But that could soon change. The Eugene City Council opened an opportunity for the company’s return by scheduling a work session this month to discuss changes to the city code to adapt Eugene to the new sharing economy. There has been speculation since 2016 about bringing it back, but now is the time for the city council to stop dragging its feet.

It is time to bring Uber back.

In a mid-sized college town with limited public transportation options, Uber provides an opportunity for students and community members to take full advantage of what Eugene has to offer and create new job opportunities.

Ride-sharing companies can be more convenient, safer and potentially lifesaving for a college town populated with students. The college culture of binge drinking puts people at risk for drinking and driving or not being able to return home safely. Although the University of Oregon provides two free ride programs, Safe Ride and the Designated Driver Shuttle, these programs and their taxi counterparts are plagued with long wait times, and public transportation is also limited as the bus system stops operating at midnight. But scheduling a ride can be difficult if someone has already had one too many drinks. On-demand rides from Uber can prevent this while alleviating overburdened services that already exist.

Reintroducing Uber to Eugene could also provide new job opportunities for students and other community members who have struggled to find employment. Students often accommodate their class schedules to fit their job schedule, sacrificing their education for a paycheck. Uber offers a self-employment alternative, which expands total employment in cities and increases hourly wages for self-employed drivers.

However, there has been some pushback from taxi companies. Threatened from the innovation that ride-sharing apps brought to an industry that has not changed for decades, taxi companies around the nation have engaged in rent seeking to protect themselves and their profits from increased competition. But some companies followed Uber’s steps by introducing their own ride-sharing apps. Local companies should be encouraged to do the same and adapt to the new sharing economy rather than be shielded from its effects.

Although Uber does bring numerous benefits to the cities it operates in, it does have some problems.

The company has tolerated a culture of sexual harassment, underpaid and mistreated its drivers and engaged in questionable business practices to damage its competitors.

Despite these problems, changing the city code to allow similar companies with better business practices to operate in Eugene, such as Lyft, will ultimately benefit the community. It is time for the city council to read the writing on the wall — the sharing economy is here, and it is time for Eugene to join it.

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Spaeth: Nassar abused over 265 women. Why didn’t we catch him sooner?

The atrocity of sexual misconduct in national sports organizations goes beyond Larry Nassar, a recently convicted serial child molester who was part of the USA Gymnastics organization. Nassar and others involved are currently under fire, but we have only skimmed the surface of the rot that is defined as the “culture of abuse” in athletics.

On Jan. 24, after hearing statements from over 150 of more than 265 victims, Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison for sex crimes. For decades, Nassar has molested and assaulted young female athletes under the guise of medical treatment. The fallout is immense. Nassar’s sentencing and the testimony of athletes has provoked the other shoe to drop. Michigan State University employed Nassar, and the university received and ignored reports of his sexual misconduct. The upshot; MSU athletic director Mark Hollis resigned, followed by university president Lou Anna Simon. The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) demanded that every board member resign or USA Gymnastics would lose their accreditation. Since then, all of the USA Gymnastics board members have stepped down. Many sponsors of USA Gymnastics, including AT&T, Procter & Gamble, Hershey’s, Under Armour and Kellogs have withdrawn sponsorships.  

The Nassar case is a prime example of the culture of abuse. This refers to the hook that keeps athletes engaged in a relationship with a coach or doctor that may be unhealthy or abusive. This hook could be anything from a scholarship to a spot on the team.  In the Nassar case it was the aspiration of participating in the Olympics.

Although this is the most recent example, it is not the first time an individual has abused their power and violated an athlete, and it won’t be the last. In 2012 Jerry Sandusky, Penn State assistant football coach, was convicted of being a serial rapist and child molester. But this trial has not changed the way America sees football.

These are not isolated incidents. Sexual assault of athletes is a widespread issue and the number of young athletes who fall victim to sexual misconduct from coaches and doctors is staggering. Worse yet are the victims whose stories go unheard and are thus left without justice. According to the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec, eight percent of youth athletes are victims of sexual abuse.

In response to the Nassar trial, everyone who had any involvement was severely punished.  This is what should happen every time an incident like this occurs.  USA Gymnastics took incredible steps to prevent this from happening again and has cut ties will all involved. The question remaining is how we can prevent this from happening across national sports organizations. Doctors and coaches should not be allowed to perform procedures on athletes alone. In the Nassar case, he claimed to be performing medical procedures; there should be another doctor or official present during such invasive procedures.  We need to implement stricter policies and hold administrative individuals accountable to these policies.

The ramifications of this trial are colossal and have permanently changed the way the world sees USA Gymnastics. The gymnastics program nationwide will forever be changed to ensure that nothing like this happens again. Or… at least that’s what should happen. But will it? If history were to repeat itself, this will one day, all too soon, be forgotten — ten years from now another doctor or coach could make the same horrific decisions as Nassar. When scandals like this happened in other athletic organizations, such adjustments were not made. As fans, we bear some of the blame too, because we value entertainment more than the health and wellbeing of the athletes.

The commonality of sexual assault has resulted in a culture that tolerates sexual assault and creates an unsafe environment for young athletes. The athletic administration needs to have tighter regulations to protect athletes and we need to hold people accountable for their actions. It is our responsibility to ensure that a scandal of this scale is never allowed to happen again by holding athletic organizations to a newer, higher standard.

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