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Owing to their extravagant prices, these planes may not be within your financial reach – yet there are ways you can still experience what it would be like to travel on one, such as chartering a private jet from a decent provider of private jet charters.

HNA Group owns this Boeing 787-8 private jet, boasting ample seating capacity of 40 people over an area of 2,400 square feet. Additionally, this aircraft is known as a Boeing Business Jet or “BBJ”, meaning that it features luxury furnishings and bedrooms.

1. Airbus A380

The Airbus A380 is the world’s largest private jet, making it ideal for long-haul flights with luxurious amenities such as multi-media theater rooms, gourmet dining options and private bedrooms to keep passengers comfortable during their journey.

Saudi prince Al Waleed recently purchased a customized Airbus A380 at an estimated cost of more than $500 Million USD, customizing it with features including a concert hall, Turkish bath, garage space and even stable space for his horses and camels. Furthermore, the aircraft features a prayer room that rotates to face Mecca from all directions.

Though not as lavish as its A380 counterpart, the Boeing 787-8 also boasts luxurious amenities. Seating up to 40 people for business travel or private travel purposes and equipped with multimedia theater room, private suites and bar services – this jumbo jet belongs to Hong Kong real estate magnate Joseph Lau who spent an extra $100 million customizing it further – its interior boasts stunning features including an extravagant chandelier made out of solid gold!

2. Boeing 757

An exclusive experience like flying on your own private jet may seem exclusive to only the ultra-rich and famous, but private jet charters have become increasingly affordable so even regular people can join in the fun! Custom private jets may even offer even greater flexibility for those with deep pockets.

The Airbus ACJ350 XWB is one such luxury aircraft. As a wide-body jet that can accommodate 25 VIP passengers in comfort and style, its spacious cabin provides ample room to relax or entertain during long distance flights. Thanks to its impressive flight range.

A truly impressive private jet is the Boeing 787-10, featuring a 2,500 square foot interior designed to offer privacy and comfort. This private jet boasts an enviable master bedroom that rivals any five-star hotel, accommodating up to 40 passengers in its standard configuration configuration.

Alisher Usmanov of Russia owns one of the world’s costliest private jets – an Airbus A340-300 – but can no longer use it due to sanctions over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Even so, this luxurious private plane features luxurious furnishings and even boasts its own full-sized nightclub!

3. Boeing 787

As it pertains to private jets, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by all of their statistics: top speed this and maximum range that. But the best private planes go beyond simply meeting all criteria; they push luxury standards further still.

An Boeing 787 aircraft can hold up to 250 people comfortably and has enough room for an elegant master bedroom, rivaling those found at five-star hotels. And with some additional expense and an interior designer on board, you could turn this plane into a true flying mansion!

The Sultan of Brunei is no stranger to luxurious goods, so it comes as no surprise that he owns a private jet worth $100 million. But what truly sets this aircraft apart is its interior: covered in gold decoration and featuring a dining area large enough for Chelsea team players, as well as being equipped with an anti-missile system similar to Air Force One.

4. Airbus ACJ350

At prices beginning at just $73 million, the Airbus ACJ350 is one of the world’s most luxurious private jets. A VIP widebody business jet designed specifically to cater to wealthy buyers who desire an experience more like living in the sky than just flying somewhere; equipped with a “sky ceiling” which displays live views from above while you fly.

The cabin of an ACJ350 aircraft is spacious, offering four times more floor space than most competitors and customizable to the buyer’s preference through Airbus Corporate Jets’ TwoTwenty Creative Studio. Based on Airbus A320neo commercial airliner technology, this aircraft can seat 19 people comfortably while sleeping 17 in overnight accommodations, and can also be configured as either passenger or corporate jet configurations.

Of all of the world’s private jets, none surpass Boeing’s BBJ 777-9 as an exclusive travel experience. Boasting three decks complete with cinema room, dining area, club suites and private bedrooms; this jet is truly unparalleled.

5. Boeing 787-8

For longer distance flights and those requiring extra room onboard, the Bombardier Global 8000 provides the ideal private jet charter solution. Its larger capacity and faster flight speeds make it ideal for nonstop trips from Los Angeles to London or Seattle to Singapore.

The Global 8000 offers all of the luxurious amenities one would expect on an expensive private plane, such as spacious rooms, full dining facilities and entertainment areas. Tech moguls such as Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Twitter founder/X founder Elon Musk, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos all choose this plane as their private jet of choice.

Oligarchs don’t escape either; Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov owns one of the world’s most expensive private jets but can no longer use it due to sanctions imposed by Western nations following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.