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There is a big elephant in our collective room and a growing spirit of desperation and fear. This is not sustainable, desirable or healthy...

Looking at the world around us it’s difficult to be at peace with all of the contradictions and glaringly transparent attempts at thought control we witness every day.  Look at this potential disaster, ignore this evidence, agree that this is real so that you won’t be labelled an outcast.  My party is right, my agenda is more important, you don’t understand, etc. 

It’s daunting to think about the dire need for change, it’s almost crippling to try and see how to begin unwinding the centuries of misdirection and outright lies that have brought us to the place we now find ourselves.  We find ourselves driven to distractions rather than seeing our way to making real, effective, permanent change in our world that both honors the sovereignty of every being, our planet and our beautifully diverse societies.

We watch the world being pushed towards war under seemingly false pretenses.  We watch inflation stripping away the thinnest of margins that constitutes the safety net for many of us.  We see transportation interrupted for no apparent reason, we see fuel prices skyrocket and it’s blamed on the war that the globalists are trying to start.  We see constant shifts in focus for the general public from a pandemic to war to food shortages to climate terrors to a new pandemic and on and on and on.  We take positions out of fear and we take positions out of loyalty.  Unfortunately we rarely take positions based on evidence and careful analysis regardless of who’s sacred cow it may gore.  The global efforts at dividing us into smaller and smaller groups has been blindingly effective, often touching just the right nerve that paralyzes us into inaction for anything but our own very narrow definition and self-interest.  So lets take a collective step back, a couple of deep breaths and see if we can clear our thoughts.

The keys to change are communication and cooperation.  Sovereignty, Accountability, Integrity and Discernment are the cornerstones of freedom.  Since it’s impossible to change everything at once, how do we prioritize where to start?  I would propose that the place to start is where you live right now.  How to start is by looking at and prioritizing real needs regardless of who benefits or suffers from the issues involved.

What Constitutes a Need?

There are emergency needs, immediate needs, corrective needs, opportunity needs.  A need can really be classified as anything that prevents something or someone from reaching it’s full potential.  Now it gets tricky, if you harvest eggs are you preventing it from becoming a chicken?  If you consume a chicken for food are you preventing the ecosystem from healing because your removed that being from the natural lifecycle of the planet?

It begins with agreeing on a few things: 1)  Things are as they are, if they need to be changed we can’t just pick an arbitrary point in the past as the standard to judge the changes needed for the future on.  2) Change can’t create chaos. 3) We won’t all agree on why something needs to be changed so to the best of our ability a need must first be identified as something that is causing harm to either the environment, the beings, or the attitude or frequency of our corner of the world.

There are a few non-negotiables when you set out to look at assessing the needs where you live.  Water is needed for life for example.  Land belongs to the planet, ownership of land means being a caretaker and is a component of the need for security and the ability to produce and thrive.  This one is controversial:

Natural resources and natural assets belong to the people of the area where those assets reside.  They also belong to the ecosystem that they are a part of.

I recommend beginning by looking at your local issues surrounding water.  Right where you live – rural area, town, city, county.  Water believe it or not is the very first right that we have all surrendered, certainly with some benefit – running water in our houses, generally safe to drink and use – but our rights to the water are very different in reality than in our beliefs.

In every community the assessment of needs and the proposal of solutions is the only way forward.  Every community sees issues with the same “categories”: Environment, Education, Children & Families, Communciations, Public Works, Law, Law Enforcement, Security, Finance, Projects and Industries.

By simply looking at Water, Land & Air as part of the environment with an eye to Protection, Revitalization and Utilization in equal measure you can come up with a handful of big issues and a basket of specific ones without even setting down your coffee.

I will be pursuing this topic of change in a continuing series of articles, examples and hopefully interactions going forward. 

Communications and Cooperation are the key and I’m a firm believer that dissent can be one of the best possible forms of cooperation and communication if it involves reason & thought, not just emotions.

Kelly Asay
Eugene Daily News