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Folium pX founder Babry Oren Thursday will reflect on his career as a business entrepreneur and offer insight into what the future has in store for the company he created  11 years ago, as a guest on the podcast “Ask Sharifah.”

45-minute live interview, conducted by host Sharifah Hardie, a CEO,
business consultant, speaker, marketing specialist and influencer,  who interviews a range of entrepreneurs,
self-help speakers, holistic healers and other movers and shakers,  begins Thursday at 2 a.m. and can be heard on
computer, tablet or smartphone by visiting or by
dialing in with your phone to 1-669-900-6833. The meeting id code is

association with Folium pX  began three
years before the company’s founding: when he successfully negotiated with the
team of Eastern European scientists who had created an all-natural formula more
than a decade before to help victims of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. While
flushing radiation out of people’s systems was the impetus for the product’ s
creation,  it became clear that the
powerful blend of super-antioxidants also worked to rid  heavy metals such as uranium, cesium, cadmium,
gadolinium,  lead, arsenic and mercury
from the human body and boosted the body’s natural immune system.

clinical and laboratory tests of the product on humans and animals have resulted
in no negative side-effects if taken as advised—30 days on and 30 days off—the nutritional
supplements market is a very competitive one, and Oren said he will attempt to
share some of the wisdom he has gained through surviving in it for so long.

some ways, it is like the old wild west out here,” Oren said, of the
mostly unregulated nutritional supplement industry.  “There are companies that claim all kinds of
things that can’t’ be backed up with evidence, but I have found that the best course
to take is to avoid trying to get people’s attention with outlandish claims,
and to believe and sell your product in an ethical and honest way.”

            One of the
product’s chief selling points, Oren said, is its 100 percent money-back

            “We believe that Folium pX can help anyone who takes it as directed,” he said. “They will see their heavy metal and radiation numbers drop, they will have more energy and their immune system will be better equipped to help ward off the deluge of pollutants that are around us every day. But if for any reason they are dissatisfied, they can return the product for a full refund. They have nothing to lose, while we have everything to lose. That is how much we stand behind this product.”

emphasizes that the all-natural blend of pine tree extract, grape seed extract
and other ingredients that have been used for years in folk medicine, doesn’t
produce miracles.

product does not keep harmful substances from entering the body,” he said.
“But it does help rid the body of them and prevent them from building to
toxic levels.  If incorporated into a
healthy lifestyle, Folium pX can be part of the most important choice a person
can make, to be healthy. We all have the right to be unhealthy, but we also
have the right to be unhealthy. Which choice is yours?”

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