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This morning, security at Verizon, 4750 Royal Avenue, reported a burglary during which it was discovered multiple phones were stolen. At approximately 9:00 a.m. Eugene Police detectives located the suspect vehicle, which was driving around the Bailey Hill Road and Bertelsen Road. 

Officers stopped the vehicle W 18th Avenue and Bertelsen Road, where they performed a high-risk traffic stop. The driver was taken into custody without incident. However, the passenger refused to exit and challenged police to shoot him. The roadway was shut down to regular traffic to provide a safer environment, while EPD officers continue to negotiate with the passenger to exit. The suspect continued to refuse to exit the vehicle.  He also continued reaching down and around in the vehicle for an unknown item(s).  EPD deployed pepperballs and subsequently after K9 admonishments were unsuccessful, two 40 mm less lethal rounds were used and the suspect reluctantly complied. That suspect, later identified as Brandon Curtis Bhuhl, age 40, was in custody at 9:34 a.m. Eugene Springfield Fire was on scene to evaluate him.  Other than some exposure to pepperball, Bhuhl was uninjured.  

Both the passenger, Buhl, and the driver, Steven Jackson age 52, were taken into custody on charges related to the burglary and theft. Additionally, Buhl had a probation violation warrant for his arrest.  The investigation is continuing.   

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