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This spring, Capital Press got a question from a reader who raises Rambouillet and Merino sheep in Eastern Oregon: “Why are wool prices so low?”

sm coopworth wool.jpg

A bag of Coopworth wool.

The answer is both simple and complex. The simple answer is the global wool market faces oversupply and sagging demand.

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sm maria rooney2.jpg

Maria Rooney with one of her favorite ewes.

sm brent roeder shears sheep.jpg

Brent Roeder shears a sheep.

sm lisa surber sheep farm.jpg

Lisa Surber on a sheep farm.

sm will griggs.jpg


sm peter orwick 2.jpg

Peter Orwick, executive director of the American Wool Council.

sm wool varieties.jpg (copy)

Left to right: Shetland, Romney and Suffolk wool.

SM pendleton13.jpg (copy) (copy)

Bags of wool in a Pendleton Woolen Mills warehouse.

sm albert wilde.jpg


sm wool pellets.jpg

Wool pellets, which Wild Valley Farms sells as fertilizer.

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