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Worth A Look: LS Tractor MT3 Series – The Next Step Up From Sub-Compacts

Subcompact cars don’t provide as much power or capacity for loader lift capacity than larger framed models such as the LS MT3 series do, offering more horsepower, larger tires, and greater loader lift capacity than subcompact cars. Be sure to look for 3pt hitches rated 24″ or greater; otherwise opt for non-emission models.

LS tractors come with both ROPS (open station) and cab models, and work with various accessories and attachments such as backhoes, mowers, box blades etc.

LS TRACTOR XJ SERIES, compact tractors

The LS TRACTOR XJ SERIES is a line of compact tractors that are perfect for a variety of applications. With a wide range of horsepower options and features, the XJ SERIES has a tractor to meet the needs of every customer.

LS TRACTOR MT3 SERIES, compact tractor

The LS TRACTOR MT3 SERIES is a line of compact tractors that are designed for power and performance. With a variety of horsepower options and features, the MT3 SERIES has a tractor to handle any job.


The MT3E is a premium compact utility tractor that combines power and value. Equipped with an LS Tractor designed and manufactured CRDI diesel engine and offering either manual shuttle transmission or three range HST transmission in either an open station model ROPS open station model or comfortable comfort cab configurations, its performance cannot be rivaled.

When comparing tractors, keep two horsepower ratings in mind when making comparisons: engine and PTO (power take off). Engine horsepower measures what your tractor produces while PTO horsepower refers to how much of that output can be put towards working implements.

As you decide which size tractor best meets your needs, consider what tasks will be performed around your home and property. If using it for work purposes we suggest opting for one size larger to account for that. It should also be remembered that tractors with loaders have a greater lifting capacity due to the additional weight associated with carrying loads than ones without them.


For larger tasks and chores, the LS TRACTOR MT3F tractor is an excellent option. Boasting impressive hitch lift and loader capacities as well as mounting options like backhoes, mowers and box blades; ROPS or cab models can be purchased; with the latter boasting an improved Servo HST with Pedal Link transmission for optimal performance.

This LS Premium Compact Tractor Series offers four distinct horsepower ratings. There is also an assortment of transmission options to meet the unique needs of your property. These tractors include two pairs on the MT342 and MT347 models and three on MT357 and MT52 models, along with an LL4105 front end loader capable of lifting 2,187 lbs for added convenience.


The MT3R Value compact utility tractors deliver exceptional power and maneuverability at an exceptional value point. Available with 45 and 50 horsepower models featuring shuttle or HST transmission and open station or enclosed cab options to meet any preference, these compact utility tractors make ideal companions in a wide variety of settings.

When comparing tractors it is essential to look at both engine horsepower and PTO (power take off) horsepower. Engine horsepower measures the amount of power available when nothing is connected to its three point hitch while PTO horsepower indicates how much of that power the tractor can utilize when connected.

Full size compact tractors like the LS MT3 and XR4100 series provide 40-60 horsepower for handling hay equipment or 6-7′ implements, and often feature front end loaders rated to lift more than 2,000 lbs at pivot pins. Furthermore, they come standard with rear hydraulic remotes and work light kits, making these powerful yet affordable tractors even more flexible and useful.


Sacramento offers powerful yet reliable LS tractor solutions, equipped with an array of accessories and attachments. Its powerful diesel engine and comfortable cab make this tractor the ideal partner for all of your yardwork tasks.

A tractor’s power take off (PTO) shaft allows it to attach equipment such as mowers and rototillers. Modern tractors also often feature mid-PTOs for increased versatility.

Based on your planned use for your tractor, a PTO capable of at least 540 RPM may be essential. With more power available at a higher RPM rating, more implements can be attached without losing their effectiveness.

Size should also be taken into consideration; if you need to cover a great deal of ground during mowing, a larger deck size may be beneficial in lifting heavier implements like backhoes and box blades for landscaping and construction work – and even with hay management tasks.